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Classified Ad Information

How To Post a FREE Classified Ad

FREE!!   Classified Ads are for Registered Members of  http://www.100milemall.com. 

Register for Free.

Post your ad in your local listing, in full color and add an image.

Promote your classified ad, by either emailing to prospects, or printing off as a flyer for the neighborhood, in full letter size paper.

No XXX Rated Ads allowed.

Be a Good Neighbor

All we ask in return is to be a “good neighbor”, support  your local 100 Mile Mall vendor and post comments on their Blogs.

At the bottom of your classified ad,  you need to place which 100 Mile Mall vendor you support. 
Go to their 100 Mile Mall profile and copy their URL posted half way down the page.  Paste this into space provided
in your classified ad form.
If you post a vendor,  which is NOT a 100 Mile member, you ad will be deleted.  If you do not know of a 100 Mile Mall vendor, please Contact Us for a referral.
Or you may search  100 Mile Mall

We hope you enjoy this convenient service

compliments of your local business community


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