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An Incredible Journey

An Incredible Journey 

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The Idlewild Expedition


I have been very fortunate in my life to do a variety of interesting things.  I have prospered in business and experienced bankruptcy.  I raced jet boats and had several small aircraft that I flew extensively.  I travelled a good part of the world (around it three times by air) since 1959 and did some lesser expeditions in Northern Canada.  I have invented useful machinery and continue to enjoy design and development.  Doing preliminary design for Idlewild and helping build it was part of the challenge and fun, it didn’t always follow conventional wisdom.

The Idlewild Expedition was in my realm of interesting challenges for some time, but not at the top until 2003 because of time or money issues as dictated by life.  It remained important over the years because it was so unique to my past experience.  I had read lots about the sea, and had some experience as crew, but not as captain or in rough conditions at high latitudes.  I have read considerable history of exploration and shared the excitement of arriving into a foreign and uncertain environment.  Add the challenge of the unknowns about navigating in a storm in the uncharted Arctic.  These things to me are as attractive as the spellbinding scenery that you can see no other way.  And when you get anywhere in the world and meet the locals you realize what draws you there.  Each place is unique and many places require special attention to learn about local winds, currents, and pirates.  We enjoy the aloneness at peaceful times and feel concern about the remoteness when you’re far from help and things look bad.  I knew I would be frightened at times.  It’s all part of the challenge and makes you want to go back again.  To me this expedition was a completely interesting, demanding, and fulfilling challenge

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