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Importance of Window Cleaning

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The Importance of Window Cleaning

window cleanerMany people know that window cleaning is important not only for corporate buildings aiming to look good, but also for your simple homeowners who wish their property to be well-kept and beautiful. We all know that a clean home with painstaking attention to window cleaning will have more value and more likely to sell quicker than unkempt homes. 

Windows can easily look dirty and blemished. Your garden sprinkler could have left water residue on your windows that will accumulate and solidify. Rain could also do the same, leaving minerals on what would have been a polished window if these are not subjected to a regular window cleaning regimen. The clarity and visibility of your windows can be adversely affected by paint, chalk or mortar, in case you are having some major renovations at home. People who live by the sea will naturally have tell-tale signs of the sea spray on their windows. The list goes on and on as to how our windows easily get dirty, which is why window cleaning is a must if we want our glass windows crystal clear.

The above dialog was read to Carlos, excitedly!!  Well, you see that energetic guy above, it is not totally true.  He is a buddy of mine and is as lazy as hell.  After repeated requests to clean the windows, so they could enjoy their awesome view, he could take it no longer and decided to take action, clean the damn window.

Her volume increased slightly as she continued reading  from the website she was on, Window Cleaning in Australia.  Carlos kept cleaning.

window cleaner middleIf you are on the market for a new home, you would naturally be impressed with a well-kept house in both the inside and outside. Those sparkling glass windows will easily catch your attention especially on a bright morning where your windows would capture in an instant a ray of the sparkling sun. Windows are like the eyes of a home, they can draw you in. This is one aspect that many homeowners fail to recognize, that window cleaning can improve their home and may even fetch them a great price for it. Stained and streaked windows will easily be dismissed by any home buyer since these do not look inviting at all. If you are a homeowner who wish to sell your property, get yourself moving and clean those windows. Better still, get the services of professional window cleaning company to have that polished and streak free look.

Ok, dedication is one thing!  Having to be told numerous times to do a simple task, sometimes is not laziness, but rather a way some guys decided to stay alive.

Yah, right you say. Ok, then, what do you think my brave buddy Carlos deserves, for finally getting off his lazy butt to clean a window, just so everyone can see the birdies fly by?

Take a look here and see what Carlos is up to, “the Rest of the Picture!!”


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