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My Girl !!

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My Girl !!

Now, would you take my girl on an enjoyable ride?
My girl was a little bottom heavy and it was kind of tough taking off  when we wanted to experience an enjoyable ride, (neighbors laughed) viewing the gorgeous scenic valley, we have always wished for, mile-high club and all, kind of an experience.

My Girl !!

We worked day and night getting er’ in shape, too busy to even order in pizza for those tough late night  work sessions, which there where many of.  She was a bitch, I tell yah,  but finally we got er’ in shape and decided it was time to take our initial ride.

Now before you take a look at our results, give your head a shake, because she is quite a beauty now !!  Sorry guys, some of us like it this way.

Be brave, take a look here and take a ride on er’, we all did.


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